Bus Driving Course in Bournemouth

Are you looking to partake in a career that involves driving a bus? If so, you’ll need to become certified by enrolling on a bus driving course in Bournemouth. Here at Dorset Driver Training, we provide a wide range of course options, including the option to gain a Category D licence. Our courses are structured, delivered by trained professionals, and won’t cost you a fortune. To learn more or to book your place, call us on 01202 932141.

The Most Comprehensive Bus Driving Course Bournemouth Has to Offer

Here at Dorset Driver Training, we provide a comprehensive bus driving course in Bournemouth. If you’re thinking of driving a bus as a career, you won’t be able to do this on a Category B (standard driving) licence. You’ll need to become certified to handle larger vehicles, and this requires that you apply for a Category D licence.

To be eligible for this licence, applicants must demonstrate a sound knowledge of all related professional driving techniques. The candidate must have the right attitude and a genuine aptitude for handling a bus. Above all else, they must demonstrate a constant awareness of safe driving practices, as they’ll be routinely responsible for transporting other people. Our Bournemouth bus driving course equips you with all the skills you’ll need to succeed in this role.

Our Bus Driving Course in Bournemouth

In order to qualify, you’ll need to pass a medical examination performed by either your own GP or our practitioner in Bournemouth. Bus driving course stipulations require that you take a D2 medical application form with you, and you’ll be supplied with a set of D4 forms. Once you’ve passed your medical, you must apply for a provisional and pass your theory test to proceed.

You’ll receive a bespoke training plan with the hours spread across five days. Bus driving courses in Bournemouth are carried out Monday-Friday, and we can also offer Saturday sessions too. All courses include verbal and practical training which will cover a wide range of areas. From improving general driving skills to learning complex driving manoeuvres, everything you need to know will be covered.

Once you’ve completed the educational component of our Bournemouth driving course, you’ll take your practical test. The practical portion of the course entails vehicle safety questions, a reversing exercise, and 50-60 minutes of driving on a public road. Other areas will also be covered too, and you can find out more about these by clicking on our ‘Cat D’ page.

Available Courses

At Dorset Driver Training, we offer a bus driving course in Bournemouth to suit everyone. We advise carefully selecting the right course based on your needs, level of skill, aptitude, and the time you have to commit. Available courses include:

  • Cat D – 3-Lesson Automatic Training Course
  • Cat D – 4-Lesson Automatic Training Course
  • Cat D – 5-Lesson Automatic Training Course
  • Cat D – 6-Lesson Automatic Training Course
  • Cat D – 7-Lesson Automatic Training Course
  • Cat D – Retest

Would you like to find out more about our course options or about the course itself? Then click on the respective page above. Or, to speak to someone directly concerning a bus driving course in Bournemouth, call us today on 01202 932141.

One of our recent applicants after successfully earning their Cat D licence.

Why Should You Choose Us for a Bournemouth Bus Driving Course?

For more than 15 years, Dorset Driver Training has been steadily improving, offering a service that’s unmatched by many other rival training schools. We offer tailor-made courses, adapted to each individual, ensuring a level of success that’s quickly demonstrated by our proven track record. What really sets us apart is our limited reliance on heavy marketing. Instead, we derive much of our trade from word-of-mouth recommendations from individuals impressed with our experienced instructors.

Our aim is to be one of the few UK training companies to offer the full range of licencing needs. If you’re interested in attending a bus driving course in Bournemouth, we can guarantee that you’ll receive job interviews from at least three employment agencies. All training is provided in our well-maintained vehicles, and thanks to our consultancy option, you’ll be selected for a course that best suits your needs.

And, as well as offering the most comprehensive bus driving course, Bournemouth applicants can also come to us for advance training and driver assessments too. At Dorset Driver Training, we really do it all.

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To inquire further about our bus driving course in Bournemouth, call Dorset Driver Training today on 01202 932141 or direct urgent requests to 07555 275 285. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form, email us at info@dorsetdrivertraining.co.uk, or check out our prices page to see how much our courses cost.