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Is a career driving buses in your future? Are you looking to get qualified? Then you need to call Dorset Driver Training today on 07555 275 285. Whether you’re looking to drive a local route, tackle school runs, or drive a couch around Europe, cat D driving training is essential. Our courses are well-structured, affordable, and delivered by industry experts. So, you’ll have everything you need to kickstart your new career.

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At Dorset Driver Training, we’re here to train safe and responsible drivers. If you wish to learn professional driving techniques and have the right attitude, we’d love to hear from you. With our cat D driving training, you can obtain a licence that will let you drive a large bus for hire or reward with eight or more seats. And because we free you from bus company contracts, you’ll save a bundle as well.

Cat D driver training provided by Dorset Driver Training is your ticket to a brighter future – a future in which you’re doing a job you love. To get started, read on or call us today.

The Ins and Outs of Cat D Driving Training

To begin with, there are three stages which must be passed in order to proceed to the training stage. You must pass a medical exam, and the D4 medical exam must then be sent in support of your application for a provisional. Finally, you must pass your theory test with a minimum score of 85/100 (theoretical questions component) and 67/100 (hazard perception component). Only then can you proceed with bus driver training.

Cat D driving training applicants will receive a tailored course plan that factors in their individual requirements. We usually book courses Monday – Friday, though Saturday slots are available if required.

On average, you should only need between 20-24 hours, which will be spread over several days. This will give applicants plenty of time to absorb what is being taught to them.

Verbal and practical training will be given, covering areas such as:

  • Improving General Driving Skills
  • Demonstrating Common Situations and Driving Manoeuvres
  • Teaching the Reversing Manoeuvre
  • Show Me/Tell Me Questions 

And once you’re ready, you’ll proceed onto the test. The test is a combination of vehicle safety questions, a reversing exercise, and 50-60 minutes of driving on a public road. You’ll be assessed across multiple variables, such as how you interact with other road users, your general driving, and how you handle road and traffic conditions. So long as you don’t make more than 15 minor faults and no serious faults, you’ll have passed the test.

One of our recent applicants for bus driver training.

Other Information

Please note that in addition to cat D driver training, you also by law require a Drivers CPC certificate before you can transport passengers. This is a certification that we’re delighted to offer.

Also, when considering which course is right for you, make sure you choose one that’s right for your skill level. A shorter course will save money but may not allow you the time to properly prepare, and you could end up failing. Likewise, longer cat D driving training may not be necessary if you end up picking up the skills quickly. If you’re unsure, we’ll happily recommend the right course for you.

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With more than 15 years’ experience and a fully qualified and certified team to call on, it’s no wonder Dorset Driver Training has earned the recognition of so many. You can expect unrivalled professionalism from us as we help guide you on the right path towards the next stage in your career.

Through quality training solutions, we aim to create safe and responsible drivers. And with access to cutting-edge equipment, we aim to do it in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. We recognise that no two individuals are alike, which is why all our courses, including our cat D driving training, are bespoke.

And that’s not all; we aim to be one of the few UK companies to cover the entire range of licencing needs. We even offer advanced training and driver assessment options too – all this, and not one flashy advert in sight. At Dorset Driver Training, we prefer to let our customers testimonials do the talking for us. One glance should tell you everything you need to know about our bus driver training courses.

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