CPC Training Bournemouth

Are you looking to finally get your CPC or planning to renew it? Then you need the help of Dorset Driver Training. We provide drivers with the most thorough and professional CPC training Bournemouth has available and offer it at a price that is fair. To get in touch and find out more about enrolling in one of our courses, give us a ring on 01202 932141 or email us at info@dorsetdrivertraining.co.uk.

We Offer Expert CPC Training in Bournemouth

Here at Dorset Driver Training, we are proud to offer a number of services, including the best CPC training Bournemouth can get. We have over 15 years’ experience of helping drivers gain useful qualifications that help open doors to further their career. We’re an ambitious company that aims to soon offer the entire range of UK license training so that we can provide our services to any and all who need them.

As experts in the field of driver training, we always strive to put the extensive knowledge of our team to good use for CPC training. Bournemouth customers can rest assured that when they employ our services, they will be receiving first-class training that will cover every aspect of the qualification they require. This is sure to fill you with confidence going into your eventual theory test and help to make you a safer drive on the road.

Other than Bournemouth CPC training, we also offer lessons for a number of other licences. This includes training to drive a:

Our variety means that we can be more versatile in our training and offer you the chance to gain multiple licences all in one place. This will help speed up the process of you getting the qualification you need to either continue working on the road or start down that path.

CPC Training Bournemouth

Bournemouth CPC Training that You Can’t Beat

Our CPC training in Bournemouth is invaluable to drivers who need the qualification for work. Having a CPC is a legal requirement if you are driving heavy-duty vehicles for a living, so not having or updating one can seriously impact your livelihood. The CPC has been introduced as part of a European Union directive that aims to only allow skilled personnel to drive these vehicles in a bid to increase road safety.

There are a number of different stages and modules that make up CPC training. Bournemouth customers will have to take a 35 hour CPC periodic training course every 5 years in order to retain the qualification. Through our step by step training, this becomes a simple process that will not only reaffirm your existing skills but enhance them.

Our CPC training in Bournemouth culminates in a practical demonstration called ‘Module 4’ in which you will be expected to carry out crucial checks around a stationary vehicle. What may sound like a daunting process at first becomes much easier once you undertake our specialised 2-hour training course that focuses specifically on ‘Module 4’. CPC training can often be seen as a bit of a pain, but thanks to our expertise, it can be an enlightening experience that only enhances your abilities.

The Most Reliable CPC Training Bournemouth Has to Offer

We offer more than just the bare minimum training as we understand that you not only want to pass the test but also improve as a driver. Unfortunately, many other schools do not provide the advanced training you desire and have you scraping by to get the qualification. This is why at Dorset Driver Training, we always provide extensive CPC training. Bournemouth customers are guaranteed to walk away more confident and better qualified.

It’s important to us that after receiving our training, you have the opportunity to put your new skills to the test and further your career. This is why we are happy to guarantee our customers interviews from at least three employers through our recruitment partners in Bournemouth. CPC training is difficult but fulfilling, and we don’t want you to have to wait too long before being able to take your new skills out onto the road.

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So, if you are hoping to improve on your skills and broaden your knowledge, then contact Dorset Driver Training today. You won’t find a better option for CPC Training. Bournemouth customers can get in touch now on 01202 932141 or email us at info@dorsetdrivertraining.co.uk to either enrol or simply find out more about one of our courses.