HGV Training Poole

Does your job require you to undergo HGV training? Poole clients should look no further than Dorset Driver Training. We are one of the only driving schools in the Dorset area to offer courses for every category of licence. So, whether you need to achieve a licence for a bus, truck or car and trailer, get in touch. Find out more about our courses by calling 01202 932141.

High Standard Poole HGV Training

As mentioned, we offer courses for an array of licences, so you are sure to find the appropriate one. Having the ability to drive an HGV vehicle could expand your job opportunities. For example, if you require a CAT C1, CAT C or CAT C+E licence in order to drive a truck, then undergo our HGV training in Poole. Each one is needed for different purposes, but give us a call and we can help.

A Category C1 licence is required by anyone who wants to operate a vehicle between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. When considering HGV training, Poole drivers may consider this licence first. You will need to undergo a medical exam to check eyesight and any existing illnesses. This can be done through your GP, or we can arrange it for you. Also, as well as a training and practical test, you will need to pass a theory test.

HGV Training PooleFor the Category C licence, this means that you will be able to drive vehicles over 3,500kg, with a trailer of up to 750kg. This Poole HGV training will enable you to operate commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, meaning that you can drive the following:

  • Rigid trucks
  • Articulated lorries
  • Tankers
  • Transporters
  • Trailer wagons
  • And more!

For an HGV Class 2 Category C qualification, you will undergo a test that includes vehicle safety questions, a reversing exercise and 50 minutes to one hour on the road. Our HGV training in Poole is comprehensive and thorough, so rest assured that you will receive the guidance you need to get that all-important pass.

Multiple Courses Available

Here at Dorset Driver Training, we are the go-to company for HGV training, Poole residents. We have an experienced team of instructors who will provide expert knowledge and guidance. Included in our services are lessons for those looking to drive a bus, truck and trailer or a car and trailer.

We stand out above other driving schools because we don’t just teach you the basics. When it comes to our Poole HGV training, we offer advanced training. We help those who already have licences to improve their skills and awareness on the road.

For those of you who need your staff to undergo HGV training in Poole, then enlist our driver assessment. We will test your workers on specific manoeuvres and areas of driving, including reversing and driving on the motorway.

Why Choose Our HGV Training, Poole Drivers?

As mentioned, having advanced licences for different vehicles will widen your job opportunities, and we are one of a few schools who provide this. Here at Dorset Driver Training, we offer first-class HGV training Poole drivers can trust. Over the last 15 years, we have accumulated experienced instructors who have a fantastic success record.

Rest assured that when you enlist our HGV training, Poole residents, our instructors will adapt their methods to you. We want you to feel comfortable and learn at your own pace, which is why we tailor to your abilities. You will also be learning in vehicles that are well maintained and equipped for use on the road.

Not only that, but our dedicated team at Dorset Driver Training guarantee you job interviews from at least three employment agencies. Each course requires a different amount of lesson time, and the prices vary as such. Have a look at our page online to learn more about our costs.

Contact Us Today

If you would like to enrol on any of our courses or learn more about HGV training, Poole drivers should get in touch with a member of our staff. You can reach us by calling 01202 932141 or 07555 275 285. Alternatively, send an email to info@dorsetdrivertraining.co.uk or contact us by filling in our online form.