Learn to Drive Dorset

Are you looking for an established local school where you can learn to drive? Dorset students are in luck – Dorset Driver Training offers many excellent opportunities that will expand your skill set and job prospects. Keep reading below to find out more or give our team a call on 01202 932 141 to ask them questions directly.

Our Comprehensive Driving Lessons in Dorset

When you add a new category to your licence, you’ll be opening up endless possibilities in your professional as well as private life. You’ll have more freedom of movement and will be able to command a higher salary than before. When it’s time to learn to drive, Dorset, we are here to help.

We always adapt our training methods to offer you a completely bespoke experience as we understand that no two drivers have the same approach and skill set. This is one of the ways that we stand out from alternative Dorset driving schools.


With a Category D licence, you could drive a local bus route, offer school runs, or drive tourists around Europe on a coach. We’ll go over everything you need to know about maintaining the safety and well-being of your passengers at all times.

Car and Trailer

The Category B+E licence will give you the advantages that vans can offer, but with a detachable unit that’s very convenient. After you complete our training and master the tricky manoeuvres, you will be able to tow:

  • Caravans
  • Horse Boxes
  • Jet Skis
  • Trailers
  • And Much More!


Anyone that drives a heavy duty vehicle for a living needs to hold a CPC qualification alongside their vocational licence. Get in touch with Dorset Driver Training to book these driving lessons in Dorset today.


If it’s a truck that you want to learn to drive, Dorset, then we can help you at Dorset Driver Training. We offer C, C1, and C+E qualifications, depending on your requirements.

Why Choose Dorset Driving Training Over Other Dorset Driving Schools?

Learn to Drive Dorset

Dorset Driver Training has been offering driving lessons in Dorset for more than 15 years now, so you can be assured of our experience. We’ve continually worked to provide the absolute best quality of training available in the area. This is reflected in our equipment, our professionalism, and our customer service.

At Dorset Driver Training, we don’t believe in heavy marketing and flashy publicity to promote our lessons for people looking to learn to drive. Dorset can see our reviews and reputation and realise the level of quality that we bring to the table. Word of mouth always works best and we’re very proud that we now get a lot of new requests through referrals.

We always work out a way to deliver the best quality at the most affordable prices. If you’d like a free consultation regarding your requirements, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re confident that you’ll understand what makes us stand out among Dorset driving schools.

All of our instructors are highly experienced professionals with a solid background in training and numerous confirmed successes to demonstrate. Our teaching methods are adapted to the exact needs of each individual trainee.

What Our Past Students Say About Us

Our website has many testimonials from past students who came to us to learn to drive. Dorset, we are very proud of this feedback and we will continue to go the extra mile for you, our customers.

Contact Us If You Want to Learn to Drive, Dorset Residents

Ready to learn to drive, Dorset? The team at Dorset Driver Training looks forward to hearing from you. You can either call us directly on 01202 932 141, e-mail info@dorsetdrivertraining.co.uk, or fill in our simple contact form online.