Trailer Training Bournemouth

Do you want to add a new category to your driving licence? Have you often needed to hire a company to tow a vehicle and just wish that you could do it yourself? Well, with Dorset Driver Training you can. We are one of the few driving schools in Dorset that offer courses in trailer training. Bournemouth-based clients, get in touch today by calling us on 07555 275 285.

First-Class Courses in Bournemouth Trailer Training

When you get your driving licence, you may think that it ends there, but there are many strings that you can add to your motoring bow. One of them is the ability to drive with a trailer attached. This could end up being a necessity for an occupation, but it is also a convenience if you regularly tow vehicles. We offer trailer training in Bournemouth as part of our Dorset Driver Training courses.

If you own a caravan or have equipment that needs to be towed as part of your regular travels, then why not do the job yourself? We offer courses for Category B+E in trailer training. Bournemouth-based clients will be taught all the relevant information and manoeuvres to get that all-important pass.

Trailer training BournemouthOnce you have completed trailer training in Bournemouth, you will undergo the testing portion of the process. As there is plenty more involved in towing a vehicle compared to driving a regular car, there are differences during the practical test. For example, the whole thing should last around 90 minutes, and it contains five sections:

  • Eyesight Test
  • “Show me, Tell me” Questions
  • Uncoupling and Re-Coupling Exercise
  • Reversing
  • On-Road Driving

You may be wondering why there is no additional theory test, but simply put, you don’t need one. Our Bournemouth trailer training courses are for individuals who already hold a Category B driving licence. Passing our B+E test means that you are extending your current licence and will be permitted to tow a trailer over 750kg.


What Are the Advantages?

Undergoing Bournemouth trailer training could open up certain job opportunities in the future. Plus, you will save money as you won’t need to hire others to transport your vehicles or equipment. Caravans, boats and horseboxes are among the large number of things that you can legally tow.

Having this licence could also be beneficial when it comes to moving properties. Rather than hiring a large van, you could tow some additional storage space. Another considerable advantage is that you could save money on insurance and road tax after undergoing trailer training. Bournemouth is one of the many locations in Dorset where we carry out our courses.

Why We Are The Best Choice For Trailer Training in Bournemouth

As mentioned, Dorset Driver Training are among only a few driving schools that teach multiple categories, including trailer training. Bournemouth clients should know that we are experts in this field. Not only do we teach people who are new to towing, but we also offer refresher courses and accommodate those who want to focus on a particular manoeuvre.

Our dedicated instructors are experienced and highly-trained, and we will teach at your pace and ability level. Dorset Driving Training also take care of all the tedious paperwork so that you don’t have to. We know how important it is to just focus on the learning process, particularly when it comes to trailer training. Bournemouth learners can also be helped on the employment ladder.

At Dorset Driver Training, we work alongside recruitment agencies so that once you get that all-important pass, you can peruse job opportunities. With more than 10,000 job roles available, you could end up benefitting massively from trailer training. Bournemouth-based learners should call us on 07555 275 285 to learn more.

You are probably wondering how much these lessons are going to cost. Well, for a car and trailer (B+E) course, we charge £35 per hour plus test fees. Each lesson with our qualified and friendly instructor will last three hours. Keep in mind that we allow four hours on the day of your test. Our prices have been made clear online, but feel free to get in touch if you want more information.


Our instructors at Dorset Driver Training are determined to get you the licence that you desire. We are unique in that we cover all categories, including trailer training. Bournemouth is one of the areas where we are happy to teach, so book a course today. To do so, either give us a call on 07555 275 285 or 01202 932 141. You can also email or contact us online.