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Our Dorset trailer training opportunities

If you have typed “trailer training Dorset” into your search engine because you are looking for a qualified provider, then you will already know about the advantages of being able to tow a trailer with your car. On top of the trailers themselves, you will be licenced to tow caravans, jet skis, horse boxes, and much more.

Comprehensive trailer training in Dorset is always required because operating one securely requires extra vigilance and skills. Manoeuvring into tight spaces and reversing into bays can be tricky, which is where Dorset Driver Training comes in to play. Getting your qualification involves completing all of the following steps.

Eyesight Test

An eyesight test at Dorset Driver Training involves the instructor asking you to read a number plater from 20 metres away. If required, glasses or corrective lenses are allowed.


The “show me, tell me” part of your Dorset trailer training process involves the instructor asking you questions. Some of these will require a demonstration and others simply an explanation. You will be able to practice these questions beforehand during practice.


You will be asked to uncouple the trailer and park the vehicle next to it. The examiner will then ask you to recouple it. The highest emphasis during the coupling is safety as several checks will need to be carried out during the exercise.


During this part, you will have to adequately demonstrate that you can effectively manoeuvre your car and trailer in a restricted space. You will have to show that you can reverse under control and in a reasonable time with good observational skills and accuracy.

Practical Road Test

During your practical road test, you will be required to drive safely in various traffic conditions. This final part of getting your qualification usually lasts about an hour. You will be given clear directions by the instructor with enough time for you to react. A 10-minute independent drive will take place at the very end.

While you are performing your practical Dorset trailer training road test, the examiner will assess your overall ability and also ask you to demonstrate additional skills. This includes moving off smoothly, navigating uphill and downhill safely as well as moving off normally from the side of the road.


Why choose Dorset Driver Training for your trailer training in Dorset?

Trailer Training Dorset

With more than 15 years of experience in providing trailer training Dorset lessons, you can rely on our instructors to teach you in a clear manner in a stress-free learning environment. We have gone from strength to strength since our founding and many former students have gone on to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

It is only with the Dorset Driver Training team that you will be able to benefit from all of the following during your trailer training in Dorset:

  • Experienced Instructors with a Solid Background in Training and Confirmed Successes
  • Teaching Methods Adapted to the Needs of the Trainee
  • Fully Maintained and Equipped Vehicles
  • Guaranteed Job Interviews with at Least Three Employment Agencies

 “After my first day going out on the road, I thought there was no way I was going to pass! After a quiet word from my instructor I managed to calm down, gather my thoughts and concentrate and after a few adjustments, I was flying. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Dorset Driver Training for all of their help and support because, without them, I wouldn’t have come out with a pass. Thank you so much, you made it easy.” – Adam Barker, Trailer Training Dorset Student Testimonial

As you will be able to tell from the preceding information, there is only trailer training Dorset provider that truly stands out from the rest and that is Dorset Driver Training. Should you have any more questions you would like to ask us before booking, reach out to us using one of the below contact methods.


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